FEM3500 Magnetic Locking Device

The FEM3500 is an unmonitored single magnetic lock and FEM3500D is an unmonitored double magnetic lock with dual 12 or 24 Volt settings.

The FEM3500M is a monitored single magnetic lock and the FEM3500DM is a monitored double magnetic lock both with 12 or 24 Volt settings. Each monitored magnetic lock has a built-in Hall Effect Sensor for remote monitoring of Lock status (LSS). The devices have a highly visible high luminosity Light Panel and a Door Status Sensor (DSS) for remote monitoring of the door status as well as Lock Status Sensor (LSS).

The monitored devices come with a patented Anti-Tamper-Security-Plate as standard to prevent hostile attacks on the dome-nut-fixing bolt of the Armature Plate.

All FEM3500 Series Electro Magnetic Locks come with a lifetime warranty and have no residual magnetism