NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching. When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it evaluates your configured access rules and, if appropriate, informs a small receiver mounted behind the door or in your […]

Tecom Challenger

Tecom Challenger10 Panel Kit + 1 X TS0867 Intelligent Four Door Controlle Up to 12 Intelligent Access Controllers can add 48 access control doors to a challenger panel’s 16 doors Antipassback Request-to-exit support for each door User counter, interlocking, card + PIN, 3X badging The TS0867 has 16 alarm inputs and 4 Wiegand reader connections […]

Concept 4000

The Control Module is the foundation of all Concept 4000 hardware systems. The Concept 4000 Control Module delivers unrivalled security power with its integrated combination of intruder alarm, access control, building automation and security communications features. The flexible, modular design of the Concept 4000 architecture allows the expansion of a single control module to a […]


Inception is a budget friendly integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart from the pack and makes it both a powerful and extremely flexible security solution. Apart from its modern and sleek looks, Inception’s software is built directly into the controller – so the only tool you […]

Integriti Security

The Integriti Security Controller (ISC) is an IP-based master controller for the Integriti modular hardware system. Equipped with 16 Zone Inputs, 2 Auxiliary Relay Outputs, Power Supply, Ethernet Port, Modem, and Internal/External Siren outputs, the ISC can be used both stand-alone or expanded further via its UniBus and RS-485 Sub-LAN ports. The flexible, modular design […]


goPROX AYC is a convertible PIN/Proximity Reader with Genuine HID Technology. The goPROX AYC series automatically determines whether to function as a reader or as a secured standalone controller. For example if the unit is connected to a standard access control unit, then it functions as a reader. Or alternately, if the unit is connected […]