B2B Monitoring and Maintenance

B2B Monitoring

Macarthur Locksmiths specialises in providing back-to-base alarm and video monitoring services through Bens Monitoring. Our monitoring centre has Grade A1 accreditation, the highest Australian Standard. This Service is available for a wide range of brands, alarm and access control system Your monitoring services can be moulded to your every need. We also provide patrols if required.

Preventative Maintenance

As the gateway to your business your Security System including Alarms, Access Control, CCTV, intercoms and doors should be in proper working order. When a customer is having a crisis with a particular product, many times we have found the problem could easily have been prevented.  

With a Preventive maintenance plan (PMI) problems can be avoided before a crisis happens and prevent a costly, bothersome, and potentially dangerous problem from occurring.  

A PMI plan can significantly reduce the cost of ownership by increasing performance life. Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure efficiency of all security and locksmithing purposes. With regular inspections, current and potential problems can be detected and identified, preventing costly repairs and serious personal injuries in the future. 

Having a PMI plan which includes inspecting, Testing, replacing of batteries, lubricating, adjusting and tightening doors, and lock sets, as well as testing devices for safety and functionality can extend the life of your Security System, commercial doors and hardware, and ensure operational efficiency and reliability.