Tecom Challenger

Tecom Challenger10 Panel Kit + 1 X TS0867 Intelligent Four Door Controller

  • Up to 12 Intelligent Access Controllers can add 48 access control doors to a challenger panel’s 16 doors
  • Antipassback
  • Request-to-exit support for each door
  • User counter, interlocking, card + PIN, 3X badging
  • The TS0867 has 16 alarm inputs and 4 Wiegand reader connections
  • The TS0866 has 8 inputs (expandable to 16). No Wiegand reader connections.
  • Local RS-485 bus for up to four readers per door with in/out configurations
  • Supports wide range of third-party readers
  • 4 relays onboard for lock control
  • Up to 48 freely programmable outputs using macro logic equations
  • Intelligent Access Controllers’ onboard memory supports 11,466 users and can be expanded to 65,535 IUM users (the Challenger panel must use the same memory configuration)
  • System conditions such as low battery, mains fail, and tamper can be programmed to operate outputs
  • All reader LEDs are programmable, and can display alarm or access status
  • Input devices can be monitored for tamper conditions (open or shorted) in addition to the default monitoring for sealed or alarm conditions
  • Automatically unlock doors for a programmed time period (override time zone)
  • Supports up to 4 ASSA ABLOY Hi-O enabled doors using a TS0864 Challenger Hi-O Gateway for each door.