Master Key Systems

Macarthur Locksmiths offer a range of masterkey systems, the most popular being the Kaba and Bilock systems.

Macarthur Locksmiths specialise in designing, managing and maintaining High Security Master-Key Systems. A master key system allows only those authorised to open those doors appropriate to their role or job function.

It therefore ensures both convenience and security. Master key systems allow each key to open one door, a group of doors or all doors. We offer a High Security Specialist Design service and will review your current and future needs and develop a system specific to your requirements.

With over 27 years experience in supplying and fitting master key systems, Macarthur Locksmiths will ensure that you receive the full benefits of a system tailored to your individual circumstances. Our specialist staff provide technical support to ensure that the quality and performance of your systems are maintained



EVVA 3KS PLUS uses a unique pinning system of spring-less carbide sliders that active two sidebars.


It is extraordinarily difficult to reverse engineer 4KS. Moreover, 3 separate systems guard against key tampering and illicit copying by staff, visitors or contractors.


The EVVA AirKey is a smart electronic lock system designed for the requirements of the modern home.


The LK2 High Security Anti-bump key systems are advanced key systems that include a patented anti-bump feature, a design registered keyway and patented components.

Electrical Abloy

Macarthur Locksmiths supplies the utility access key system for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy meter reading access as a cost effective way of providing secure access without the expense of moving your electricity meters in both residential and commercial situations

Protec 2

Abloy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology.

Bilock Exclusive

The most recognised high security master key system.


BiLock’s distinctive dual edged key & logo symbolise quality & reliability. This fact has been acknowledged with Australian Lock Company being the recipient of numerous design awards


Since the introduction over the BiLock high security master key system range over 30 years ago, Australian Lock Company has continued to re-engineer & innovate the BiLock product range.

Kaba Expert Plus

Kaba expert plus key blanks, keys and the system are protected by European patent EP2890356B1 until 2033. The registered figurative mark “Mountain Peak” gives Kaba expert plus high recognition value.

Dorma Kaba Quattro

The dormakaba quattro plus cylinder range, with its patent protected reversible key, is designed for all applications where security, durability and strict factory key control are paramount.


The Lockwood range of legally protected keying platforms now includes GEN6T®, an evolution of Lockwood’s proven Generation Six platform.


The Lockwood range of legally protected keying platforms now includes GEN6+®, an evolution of Lockwood’s proven Generation Six platform.


The EPS key is a strong nickel silver key with large key cross-section. This makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting.


A high security key system provides features that increase its security against illegal attacks. These features prevent illegal key duplication;


eCLIQ is a purely electronic keying system developed by ASSA ABLOY. It is a cost effective solution which provides electronic access control without the need for wiring. eCLIQ cylinders retrofit into existing doors and locks.