Luxury Custom Safes - Infinity


Everyone has their own idea of what is priceless and everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect safe to properly secure what is most important.

All Infinity Safes are protected by an industry leading 105 minute certified fire protection, ensuring maximum protection from fire.

Dominator Safes has been one of Australia's most trusted safe brands for over a decade. Now, you can customise any Dominator Safes' DS, FA or FX Series high security safe to make it just how you like it.

The name Infinity perfectly represents the endless possible configurations available to choose from, including custom painted safes, custom built jewellery safes, custom watch safes, custom designed leather or vinyl bound safes. The choice is yours.

Backed by Australia's Best Warranty, Infinity and Dominator Safes provide peace of mind never before seen in Australia.