Lockwood Padde Series ES2100 Monitored Electric Strike with Mortice Lock

The ES2100 is the latest product to join the iconic Padde by Lockwood range of electric strikes.


  • The ES2100 now offers a unique new monitoring feature not available in other strikes on the market today.
  • The strike has an integrated reed switch that when combined with a specialised Lockwood mortice lock, provides door position monitoring.
  • The strike is supplied with a standard door magnet for use with cylindrical latches.
  • Lockwood mortice locks and face plate accessories are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Patented field selectable fail safe/fail secure
  • Multi voltage 10-30Vdc
  • Fully monitored:
    – Integrated door position (reed) switch
    – Solenoid/Locked
    – Latch position
  • 1000kg holding force
  • 4hr fire rating
  • Mounting tabs as supplied standard
  • TRICARE® 5 Year
  • Warranty
  • Weather Resistant (IP54)Built in Protection Diode


  • High traffic areas
  • Fire rated door sets
  • Open in/open out doors
  • Suitable for use with all access control systems
  • Doors requiring additional door position monitoring