Double profile high security key system

Why you need to install a High security key system and not just a registered pin tumbler system?

A high security key system provides features that increase its security against illegal attacks. These features prevent illegal key duplication; they provide security against physical attacks and entry methods such as drilling, lock manipulation or lock bumping.

Why EVVA DPS is the Key System for you!

  • Patent protection till 2022.
  • Anti-Pick and Anti-Bump security features.
  • All cylinders are Drill resistant.
  • Multi-profile sidebars to maximise codes.
  • Super tough nickel silver keys.
  • Coloured key identification.
  • Teflon impregnated components for continued high performance.

EVVA DPS is a High Security, patented, mechanical Key system. We manufacture cylinders to suit various lock types including:

  • Oval cylinders to suit Lockwood, Kaba, Gainsborough, Legge and Astra mortice locks
  • Rim and internal cylinders to suit Lockwood and other brand deadlocks and deadlatches
  • Fixed and floating cam profile cylinders
  • Lockset cylinders for Schlage, Carbine and Lockwood locksets
  • Cylinders to suit cupboard locks, T & L handles
  • Cylinders Padlocks, Pushlocks & Camlocks
  • And cylinders for keyswitches and Rollerdoor locks.