Concept 4000

The Control Module is the foundation of all Concept 4000 hardware systems. The Concept 4000 Control Module delivers unrivalled security power with its integrated combination of intruder alarm, access control, building automation and security communications features.

The flexible, modular design of the Concept 4000 architecture allows the expansion of a single control module to a network of hundreds of modules, 50,000 users, 2000 inputs, thousands of outputs, 250 areas and 250 doors. Utilising the Active User Rotation Module with Insight software, a single control panel can be configured to manage hundreds of thousands of users.

The Control Module comes with 16 zone inputs, 2 outputs, an on-board switch mode power supply, LAN port, modem, serial port and multitone siren outputs.

Expansion boards can add an extra 8 outputs directly to the Control Module. Further expansion and functionality is realised with the addition of expansion modules which are connected to the Concept 4000 Control Module using a secure, encrypted RS485 LAN.