BiLock’s distinctive dual edged key & logo symbolise quality & reliability. This fact has been acknowledged with Australian Lock Company being the recipient of numerous design awards.

Since the introduction over the BiLock high security master key system range over 30 years ago, Australian Lock Company has continued to re-engineer & innovate the BiLock product range. The most recent development has been BiLock New Generation.

BiLock New Generation offers an innovative new design & twin bladed key which operate a 12 pin programme of tumbler pins – 6 on either side. These pins in turn activate 2 sidebars to provide the end-user with up to 17,000,000 possible lock combinations.

In addition to a space age element moving within the key, an extraordinary shaped, horizontally positioned security rod has been built into the cylinder to activate the 13th locking dimension. Without the moving element this 13th dimension cannot be activated which adds yet another feature to BiLock’s exceptional level of quality.

The BiLock innovation has continued with the development of BiLock Quick Change Core or QCC. Now with QCC re-keying can be as simple as withdrawing a plug & replacing it with another in a matter of seconds.

The main features of BiLock QCC are:

  • Simplicity: Easy to use with minimum maintenance
  • Durability: Fewer moving parts & a stronger key
  • Tamper Resistance: A high level of pick resistance
  • Flexibility: Up to 17,000,000 combinations
  • Compatibility: BiLock New generation & BiLock QCC can retrofit almost all hardware
  • Cost Effectiveness: Competitively priced to install & maintain