Bosch 2000

The Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 are new generation alarm control panels for the Australian & New Zealand residential & commercial markets.

Bosch 3000

The Bosch 3000 Alarm system is easy to use as it requires only ‘one touch’ operation. It has full remote access control using your AndroidOS or IOS smartphone meaning your homes’ security is at your fingertips.

Bosch 6000

The Bosch 6000 Alarm system is the most advanced system in the range. It has the alarm features you’ve always loved, with the access control capabilities you’ve always needed.

Hills Reliance Alarm NX16 System

The inituitive NX16 Alarm System includes a graphical interface touch screen, incorporating 3 quick keys for away arming, stay arming and system status.

New Paradox

Spectra SP control panels (SP4000, SP5500, SP6000, SP65, and SP7000) offer a combination of innovative features and an advanced communication bus for a uniquely expandable security system.

DSC Power Series

The Power Series touch screen unit is compatible with PC1864, PC1832, PC1616 control panels. It boasts a state of the art design with user friendly applications.